I Built My Page With My Backside – Janemena Boasts


I Built My Page With My Backside – Janemena Boasts

Janemena revealed in an Instagram story that she developed her page and business due to her backside and twerking videos, not because of the numerous scandals she has been linked to.

Janemena, a popular Nigerian Instagram dancer, has revealed how she created her page.

Janemena revealed in a post on her Facebook that her backside and twerking videos helped her build her page and brand.

She claims she didn't make it because of blogs.

A significant marital scandal rocked the dancer just a few months ago, nearly ending her marriage.

"I never created my page by constantly visiting other people's blogs. My nyansh helped me create my page. "Lol not yours and I'll shake it even if I'm swimming in billions for the rest of my life and it's nobody's business," she wrote in part



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