Real woman, blessing wife from day one” – Portable hails first wife Zainab, after he caught his second wife cheating with her male best friend


Portable, real name Habeeb Okikiola, took to social media to express his gratitude to his first wife, the mother of two of his children. Zainab.

Following his second wife's affair with her best friend, the post surprised many of Portable's fans.

Portable praised Zainab for being a "real woman" and a "blessing wife from day one" in a post filled with love and gratitude.

He wrote: “Respect who respect you Zazuu Queen. My tomorrow. Real woman blessing wife from day one”.

Portable previously revealed that he caught his second wife, Keji, cheating on him.

The singer took to Instagram to post a cryptic message about infidelity. Portable lamented in his post how a man puts his woman in his house and yet she was double dating while they planned their wedding.

Portable slammed her for living a phony life, claiming that a single mother cannot raise a responsible child.

“Man put you for the house you still dey promise another man. Wahala Wahala Wahala you never ready O sare Lol Marry… You dey double date and you still dey play wedding. Oun Pa pepe iro. I respect women fear who no dey fear women. A single mother can not raise up a responsible child Alakada Fake Life”.

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